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How To Protect Your Home: Simple Steps

How much do you value your property? We shouldn’t have to worry about thieves breaking into our properties, but, unfortunately, we do. There are people out there who would like nothing more than to enter your house and take your things. The best thing you can do for yourself and your home is look into ways to prevent thieves from getting into your house. There are many simple DIY tricks you can use that will ensure that your home is always safe. Here are some simple steps that you might want to follow to protect your home.

Invest in floodlighting

So, a thief is creeping up your driveway when suddenly a bright floodlight comes on, what does he do? Well, he runs away, and that is what you want him to do. Using flood lighting is an easy way to deter thieves and trespassers. You should invest in some floodlights for your driveway. Installing the lights is pretty simple. You will need to hook the lights up to your main electricity supply and place the sensors on your roof. When the sensors detect movement, they will come on and light up the area.

Make sure sliding doors secure

Sliding doors might look attractive, but they are a problem. Sliding doors are easy to break into as their locks tend to be feeble. Make sure that you add an extra lock and bolt to the inside of your sliding doors. That way, when you go out, you can bolt the doors shut from the inside of your home. Make sure that you always shut the blinds so that nobody can see into your home and look at your items.  

Install a contemporary alarm system

Old-fashioned alarm systems were unreliable. You can now get cool, contemporary systems that work much better than the old ones. Wireless driveway alarms are easy to install outside your home. Make sure that you leave an open path so that the alarm can work. Point the alarm sensor towards your driveway, and ensure that there is nothing else in the way. When you set happy wheels demo your alarm, it will detect movement on your driveway. The system works the same way that floodlights work but is more effective in deterring thieves. You can program the alarm to activate at certain times so that your home is safe.

Use extra padlocks on your drive gates

Many drives have a gate. If your driveway has a gate at the bottom of it, you need to make sure that it is secure. Sometimes, the old-fashioned methods work well too. You should pick up a metal chain from a local DIY store and a large, secure padlock. Wrap the chain around your gate several times when you are locking it. Make sure that you pull the chain tight so that it is safe. Use your padlock to secure the chain and ensure that nobody can unlock your gate without using the key to your padlock.

Install security cameras

Getting a security system for your home might mean that your house is safer than it otherwise would be. You can buy security cameras at electrical appliance stores or online. Ideally, you want about three security cameras for your home and garden. Make sure you use standard cables when you are installing your cameras. If you are unsure of how to install cameras, get an electrician to help you. Direct one camera towards your gate, one camera towards your front door and the other camera towards your driveway. That way, you cover all bases. Make sure that you link each camera to a centralized system so that you can watch the videos in tandem. Usually, camera systems come with stands and hooks, and so they are easy to secure to your home.

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