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The Best Buildings for Home Conversions

People love converted buildings. Older buildings are often bigger, leaving developers with much more space to work with. There’s also something wonderful about combining the old with the new, updating a building and giving it a new purpose. There are several different types of building that are popular as home conversions. These include factories, warehouses, barns and churches. One reason for this is availability. Many factories and churches, for example, are no longer in use and need someone to give them new life. The other reason for all these conversions though is just that they look great.


Churches make beautiful conversions, either light and modern or warm and homely. Due to declining church attendance, there are more and more churches up for sale. Many come either home or office conversions. They come ready with some amazing features that you would struggle to find in a new-build home. The high ceilings and sweeping floor space mean you can create a roomy house, or have plenty of room for some cosy apartments. With some church conversions, you might even be lucky enough to get the original stain glass windows.

Factories and Warehouses

Estate agents in Bridgwater will tell you that warehouse conversions are very popular homes. This goes for both buying and renting. Exposed brick and tall ceilings make these buildings perfect for turning into modern homes. Often they’re used for high-end apartments. These have open-plan spaces and a combination of period features and modern decor. They’re usually much too big to turn into houses, though they also sometimes become hotels or office blocks. While you will find church conversions in rural areas, factory conversions are for slick city living. If you like wide open spaces, tall ceilings and being bang on trend, living in a factory or warehouse conversion is for you.

Barns and Stables

Barns and stables are even more rural than church conversions. Though some modern homes in the city were stables a long time ago, more recent stable conversions aren’t in such an urban setting. Like churches and factories, the nature of a barn or stables makes them perfect for converting into homes. With so much space to work with, developers can turn them into a house or split into smaller flats or apartments. With barn conversions you again get wonderful tall ceilings, plus beautiful wooden beams.

These popular home conversions aren’t the only buildings that developers give new purpose to. People have been known to convert all kinds of buildings and structures into houses or flats. You can find converted school buildings, fire stations, hospitals and even train carriages. Just about anything large enough can be turned into a home. Converted homes aren’t too hard to find if you’re interested in buying or renting one. Just look around, and you’re sure to find several near you or somewhere else you want to live.


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