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Advantages of Green Building

The earth is under much stress as our demand for new materials and energy is higher than it ever has been. Thanks to the advances in science we are able to see the affect our existence has on  this planet of finite resources. We are also learning to have an eco-conscience in the things we do. Most people walk instead of taking the car if their journey is only a few hundred metres and are learning to turn the light off in rooms that are not in use. Most of these behaviour patterns are to reduce the cost of the fuel that we use. In reality, there is nothing we can do in our home that will make much difference to the planet. There are coal-fired power stations still being built that pump out millions of tons of CO2 and offset our efforts. Our house produces a miniscule amount in comparison.

The cost of fuel is at an all time high, and people are struggling to pay their bills. If we address this problem, we will do our bit for the planet and our conscience will be clear. Even if you buy an existing home from the estate agents in Southgate, you can improve it and reduce the amount of fuel that it uses. Here are the advantages of green building:

Sustainable Materials

Much wood goes into building a house, and it has to come from somewhere. Suppliers realise that the resource will run out if they keep on stripping the forests. Nowadays, responsible wood harvesters plant one or more new trees for each one that they cut down. That means that their business is secure, and the oxygen-producing machine can continue to function. If you build your own home, remember to ask where they source the timber.

Save With Insulation

The best homes have much insulation. Where we see an attic that will store junk, the wise people see an opportunity for extra insulation. When you insulate the loft, you must leave a small gap between the insulation and the slopes of the roof. It is for ventilation and is essential to stop the buildup of moisture that will rot the rafters over time. It is not unusual for passive homes to have layers of insulation that are one metre or more thick. If you can hold onto the  heat that you generate, you won’t need to make as much. It is as simple as that. Insulation works both ways, and it will help keep the home cool in the summer.


Solar panels are big business at the moment because they work well. They produce electricity reliably, unlike domestic wind turbines. The initial outlay is high, but your electricity bills reduce and you make money by selling your unused power to the grid. You can expect them to pay for themselves in fifteen years; after that you make a profit. You will see solar panels on roofs all over the country now. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need blazing sunshine every day for them to work. Daylight is enough to set the electrons flowing.

As you can see, there is no downside to a green home. You might not save the planet alone, but you can hold your head high because your carbon footprint is low.  If everyone took these steps, it would result in big savings overall.

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